Thanks to all our collaborators who helped make the 2013 show and events happen:

Grace Baxter
Joergen Geerds
Josie Lawlor
Oliver Medvedik
Pia-Kelsey O’Neill
Jacob Shiach
Shannon Taggart
Dylan Thuras

A very special thanks to our Kickstarter backers—CUT/PASTE/GROW wouldn’t exist without you:

Stephen Aubrey
Lisa Beaudet
Sarah Choukah
Eddie Chu
Gigi Cox
Jessica Daly
Patrick Davison
Dan Drabik
Christopher Easley
Michelle Enemark
Julia Farber
Shannon Flam
Sarah Froelich
David Gaipa
Andrew Gardner
Lindsey Garrett
Alex Girshin
Kate Goldwater
Sean Green
Bryan H
Benjamin Haas
Jessica Halpin
Alison Hodgson
Tom Igoe
Jennifer Sta. Ines
Tanwi Nandini Islam
Tito Jankowski
Tyrie Kauff
Emily Leibin Ko
Alexander Kozovski
Romy Kraus
Spencer Lambert, Utah
Erich Lazar
Kyle Marschall Lemoine
Pam Lemoine
Mary LeTellier
Samantha Levin
Parker & Lauren Marschall
Susan Marschall
Tracy Metz
Nate Mickelson
Kater Murch
Jonathan Murphy
Spencer Nelson
Emeka Okafor
John Ousby
J. Perelmuter
George Pfau
Matthew Piziak
Douglas Repetto
Noah Rindos & Steph Maximous
Lulu Roller
Adrian M Ryan
Drew Skillman
Ellen Stines
Olof Johansson Ström
Bethany Sumner
Cameron Colby Thomson
Dylan Thuras
Christopher Tilden
Amy Wall
Allen West
Cameo Wood
Meredith Yayanos
David Zandman
Michael Zannettis

And thanks to everyone who attended the 2013 exhibition, our booths at SXSW or the World Science Festival, or any of our related workshops or talks! Stay tuned for future exhibitions and events.

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