MVP: “DIY Bio” Mini Documentary

Minimum Viable Product: "DIY bio"

MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT: “DIY Bio” is a mini documentary about biohacking. It includes my thoughts on biohacking as well as coverage of the Biohacker Meetup at SXSW. Present on the SXSW panel are (left to right) myself, Josiah Zayner, Jason Bobe, and Jeffery Barrick. The footage of c.elegans was shot in Emalick Njie’s “Mutant Worms” […]

CUT/PASTE/GROW on Hyperallergic!

Check it out! “…the slime mold is a quite intelligent, fascinating being, and even an able collaborator in art…”

CUT/PASTE/GROW mentioned in the Los Angeles Review of Books!

Check out the article by David Biello, which rapidly asks several questions about the intersections of the human, the aesthetic, the world (what we once called “Nature”), and our ideas about our common future. One question I find particularly charged in relation to our exhibition at Observatory is this one: Do we need an aesthetic […]


Check out the feature on our “beautiful abominations!” Thanks to Julia Dawidowicz for taking the time to talk to us.


Thank you to the science section of the New York Times for covering our gallery show. Bioartists make art from genes, cells, tissues and even whole creatures. Although the field has courted controversy, this group exhibition, curated by Observatory and Genspace in Brooklyn, has a gentle sense of humor… Have a look here.