“Designing Life” at MoMA

In October, CUT/PASTE/GROW’s Daniel Grushkin had the honor of being invited by Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, Department of Architecture and Design of MoMA to participate on a panel focused on synthetic biology and design. Called “Synthetic Aesthetics: New Frontiers in Contemporary Design,” a crowd of designers, artists, scientists, and others gathered at MoMA to hear about design’s role in the emerging field of synthetic biology.

Perspectives, possibilities, applications, and critiques were voiced by Dan, designer Daisy Ginsberg, architect David Benjamin, and researcher William Shih.
From MoMA’s website:

MoMA’s Architecture and Design department has always been a center for catalyzing lively debate around contemporary issues in design, and starting with the 2008 exhibition “Design and the Elastic Mind”—and the public programs leading up to it—MoMA has stimulated and supported those who work at the intersection of design, biology, and technology.

Read more about the panel on MOMA’s website >

View video of the panelists:
Paola’s introduction >
David’s talk >
William’s talk >
Daisy’s talk >
Dan’s talk >
The Q&A between all panelists and Paola >

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