MVP: “DIY Bio” Mini Documentary

Minimum Viable Product: "DIY bio"

MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT: “DIY Bio” is a mini documentary about biohacking. It includes my thoughts on biohacking as well as coverage of the Biohacker Meetup at SXSW. Present on the SXSW panel are (left to right) myself, Josiah Zayner, Jason Bobe, and Jeffery Barrick. The footage of c.elegans was shot in Emalick Njie’s “Mutant Worms” […]

DIYsect on Kickstarter!

Our friends at DIYsect have launched their Kickstarter campaign—check it out and support DIYbio! Find out more about DIYSect >> DIYsect focuses on DIY Biology and the Biology-Art intersection. This summer, we’re traveling across North America and Europe to film and interview biohackers, bioartists, scientists, writers, and curators that are involved with citizen biology. We […]