• dan_moma2

    “Designing Life” at MoMA

    In October, CUT/PASTE/GROW’s Daniel Grushkin had the honor of being invited by Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, Department of Architecture and Design of MoMA to participate on a panel focused on synthetic biology and design. Called “Synthetic Aesthetics: New Frontiers in Contemporary Design,” a crowd of designers, artists, scientists, and others gathered at MoMA to hear about […]

  • kickstarter-web

    Maker Faire

    Saturday, September 20–21, CUT/PASTE/GROW will host workshops at World Maker Faire 2014 in NYC thanks to the folks at Kickstarter! We’re excited to join a host of other great Kickstarter makers there, including some friends in the art-and-science world. We’re also delighted to bring Maker Faire visitors two hands-on bioart workshops, with artists Ellie Irons and Nikki Romanello. If you […]

  • catalogue-release

    Catalogue Release Party and Bioart Panel: 8/16/2014

    The art of CUT/PASTE/GROW has been bound with new essays in a gorgeous catalogue. Join us at Genspace to celebrate the catalogue release! Before the party, join our panel discussion on “The State of Bioart Today.” Suzanne Anker, bioartist and chair of fine arts at The School of Visual Arts, and Nikki Romanello, bioartist and CPG […]

  • Minimum Viable Product: "DIY bio"

    MVP: “DIY Bio” Mini Documentary

    MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT: “DIY Bio” is a mini documentary about biohacking. It includes my thoughts on biohacking as well as coverage of the Biohacker Meetup at SXSW. Present on the SXSW panel are (left to right) myself, Josiah Zayner, Jason Bobe, and Jeffery Barrick. The footage of c.elegans was shot in Emalick Njie’s “Mutant Worms” […]

  • CPG_2014


    The CPG team is heading to SXSW again this year, and we’re bringing some talented friends! 1) Biohacker Meetup (follow on twitter: #biohackers) More info on the SXSW schedule I’ll be hosting the first Biohacker Meetup at SXSW. For folks of all disciplines interested in biohacking: Biologists, DIYers, engineers, artists, coders, designers, thinkers, do-ers, and […]

  • Diagram of the bacterial photography process

    Bacterial Photography: Creating Photosynthetic Images Using Living Microorganisms

    Dark and early one winter morning in New York, Wythe Marschall and I embarked on a quest to find a microorganism—a genetically engineered chimaera—that could turn itself into a living photograph. We intended to join Dr. Natalie Kuldell’s bacterial photography class at MIT. Undaunted by a 3:45am departure time from the Port Authority, unhalted by […]

CUT/PASTE/GROW mentioned in the Los Angeles Review of Books!

Check out the article by David Biello, which rapidly asks several questions about the intersections of the human, the aesthetic, the world (what we once called “Nature”), and our ideas about our common future. One question I find particularly charged in relation to our exhibition at Observatory is this one: Do we need an aesthetic […]

Unicorn mosaic made from genetically engineered fluorescent K12 bacteria, crowdsourced from participants at SXSW Create, 2013. Thanks to all participants!

It’s ALIVE: The Unicorn Mosaic from SXSW

Presenting… the Unicorn Mosaic made from genetically engineered fluorescent K12 bacteria, crowdsourced from participants at SXSW Create, 2013. If you were a contributor, check below for the number that corresponds with the card you received at SXSW to see how your bacteria dish developed. Thanks to all who participated! You have the distinction of having […]

The Philadelphia Chromosome by Jessica Wapner

The Philadelphia Chromosome

An illustrated lecture on the origin story of cancer treatment at the genetic level by writer Jessica Wapner Tuesday, May 7  •  8 PM  •  At Observatory Admission: $10 Copies of The Philadelphia Chromosome will be available for purchase and signing Philadelphia, 1959: A scientist scrutinizing a single human cell under a microscope detects a […]

Heather Barnett Slime Mold Workshop

Heather Barnett’s Slime Mold Workshop at Genspace

Thanks to Heather, to everyone who came out for the workshop, and to our little friend Physarum polycephalum! If you have images of your slime-mold art to share, please post them on Slimoco.


What is Biodesign? What is Bioart?

An illustrated lecture by writer William Myers at Observatory Date: Friday, April 19 Time: 8 PM Admission: $10 – copies of BioDesign will be available for purchase and signing For centuries, artists and designers have looked to nature for inspiration and for materials, but only recently have they become able to incorporate living organisms or […]


Illustrated Lecture: Frankenstein’s Cat by Emily Anthes

Thanks to everyone who made it to the event last Friday. For those of you who couldn’t make it, check out Emily’s book!


The Opening

Thanks so much to everyone who made it out to help us officially open CUT/PASTE/GROW! We had a blast, and the conversations we started then will continue into May.


Check out the feature on our “beautiful abominations!” Thanks to Julia Dawidowicz for taking the time to talk to us.


Installing the Show

Here are a few images from our week-long installation at Observatory:

Grace building the "bacteria photo booth".

SXSW Create: Making the Unicorn Mosaic, from the lab

On our return back to Brooklyn, the team congregated at Genspace‘s community biotech lab. With the plates cultured and the bacteria glowing, it was time to capture the stars of the show- our iridescent microbial friends- on film. To do that, the dexterously gifted Grace Baxter created a “bacterial photo booth” that talented interactive photographer […]

Golgi apparatus or abstract expressionism?

SXSW Create: Making the Unicorn Mosaic, from the field

Take a look at a few snapshots of the mosaic tile creation process at the SXSW Create tent on Red River. We had a lot of enthusiastic participants that lended their creative vision to our mosaic- from artists, to venture capitalists, to neurologists and marketers… we had a busy booth and lots of curious and […]


Frankenstein’s Cat: Cuddling Up to Biotech’s Brave New Beasts

An illustrated lecture by journalist Emily Anthes Date: Friday, March 29 Time: 8 PM Location: Observatory Admission: $10 – copies of Frankenstein’s Cat will be available for purchase and signing Biotechnology has given us a whole new toolbox for tinkering with life, and we have the power to modify animals in profound new ways. We […]


The Physarum Experiments

Working with an intelligent organism March 26, 7:30pm – 9:30pm Location: Genspace Talk, then Workshop SPACES ARE LIMITED. SIGN UP HERE. “[In] trying to understand systems that use relatively simple components to build higher-level intelligence, the slime mould may someday be seen as the equivalent of the finches and tortoises that Darwin observed on the […]