The CUT/PASTE/GROW Catalogue


A small, numbered run of show catalogues, designed by Karen Ingram and featuring three new essays by the curators, are now available. If you are interested in a catalogue, please email dgrushkin [at] Thanks again to all of our artists, Kickstarter supporters, and visitors!

Bacterial Photography: Creating Photosynthetic Images Using Living Microorganisms

Diagram of the bacterial photography process

Dark and early one winter morning in New York, Wythe Marschall and I embarked on a quest to find a microorganism—a genetically engineered chimaera—that could turn itself into a living photograph. We intended to join Dr. Natalie Kuldell’s bacterial photography class at MIT. Undaunted by a 3:45am departure time from the Port Authority, unhalted by […]

Will Myers on biodesign and bioart


On Friday, April 19, writer and CUT/PASTE/GROW co-curator Will Myers took us on a trip into the future of biology-inspired art and design, leveraging his recent book BioDesign and his ongoing research. He covered everything from oysters as design elements and trees growing throughout skyscrapers to who owns specific colors in nature and what designers […]

CUT/PASTE/GROW on Hyperallergic!

Check it out! “…the slime mold is a quite intelligent, fascinating being, and even an able collaborator in art…”

It’s ALIVE: The Unicorn Mosaic from SXSW

Unicorn mosaic made from genetically engineered fluorescent K12 bacteria, crowdsourced from participants at SXSW Create, 2013. Thanks to all participants!

Presenting… the Unicorn Mosaic made from genetically engineered fluorescent K12 bacteria, crowdsourced from participants at SXSW Create, 2013. If you were a contributor, check below for the number that corresponds with the card you received at SXSW to see how your bacteria dish developed. Thanks to all who participated! You have the distinction of having […]

What is Biodesign? What is Bioart?


An illustrated lecture by writer William Myers at Observatory Date: Friday, April 19 Time: 8 PM Admission: $10 – copies of BioDesign will be available for purchase and signing For centuries, artists and designers have looked to nature for inspiration and for materials, but only recently have they become able to incorporate living organisms or […]

The Opening


Thanks so much to everyone who made it out to help us officially open CUT/PASTE/GROW! We had a blast, and the conversations we started then will continue into May.

SXSW Create: Making the Unicorn Mosaic, from the lab

Grace building the "bacteria photo booth".

On our return back to Brooklyn, the team congregated at Genspace‘s community biotech lab. With the plates cultured and the bacteria glowing, it was time to capture the stars of the show- our iridescent microbial friends- on film. To do that, the dexterously gifted Grace Baxter created a “bacterial photo booth” that talented interactive photographer […]

SXSW Create: Making the Unicorn Mosaic, from the field

Golgi apparatus or abstract expressionism?

Take a look at a few snapshots of the mosaic tile creation process at the SXSW Create tent on Red River. We had a lot of enthusiastic participants that lended their creative vision to our mosaic- from artists, to venture capitalists, to neurologists and marketers… we had a busy booth and lots of curious and […]



March 8 -11, 2013. SXSW Interactive, as part of SXSW Create. Austin Convention Center, at 101 Red River Street. Help Genspace, Observatory, and the Empiricist League create a crowd-sourced living, glowing mosaic of bacterial paintings. Each mosaic tile will be painted on a petri dish with K-12 bacteria. The DNA of this bacteria has been […]