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Check it out! “…the slime mold is a quite intelligent, fascinating being, and even an able collaborator in art…”

Heather Barnett’s Slime Mold Workshop at Genspace

Heather Barnett Slime Mold Workshop

Thanks to Heather, to everyone who came out for the workshop, and to our little friend Physarum polycephalum! If you have images of your slime-mold art to share, please post them on Slimoco.

The Physarum Experiments


Working with an intelligent organism March 26, 7:30pm – 9:30pm Location: Genspace Talk, then Workshop SPACES ARE LIMITED. SIGN UP HERE. “[In] trying to understand systems that use relatively simple components to build higher-level intelligence, the slime mould may someday be seen as the equivalent of the finches and tortoises that Darwin observed on the […]